John Cantu - Colleyville

David and Cheryl Mobley - Keller

   We are extremely pleased with our new home which was built by Patrick Custom Homes. I worked with Patrick Duffy on a daily basis from the initial blue print phase through the final inspection.  I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very competent, and a true professional.  I was particularly impressed with his ability to accommodate our requests for changes to the house in a timely manner.  Patrick contributed greatly to our overall satisfaction with our building experience through constant communication both with us and the subcontractors on an ongoing basis.  I especially appreciated the fact that Patrick was not only the builder but also the sole project manager while building our home. He is respected by his peers, contractors he works with and the suppliers he uses.
   When discussing with some of our neighbors about their building experiences, we feel extremely fortunate to have worked with such a professional.  Patrick has been reliable for minor adjustments throughout the completion of our home, even after we moved in. Building our home with Patrick Duffy was a wonderful experience. My wife and I would highly recommend him as a custom home builder to anyone. We are enjoying our new home and thank Patrick for the exceptional craftsmanship and the flawless execution of building our home. I know that next time I am ready to build another home my builder will be Patrick Duffy and Patrick Custom Homes.
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    We were really struggling about who to choose as the builder for our new custom home.  We had a certain look we were trying to achieve and we knew we would need a special builder that could bring our ideas to life.  After talking with several area builders, we finally met Denny Atkinson with Patrick Custom Homes and the rest is history.  Denny helped and guided us all the way from start to finish.  Very relaxed - extremely professional - and never a dull moment!  Even after well over a year in our new home, Denny still calls just to say "Hi" and to check on us.  Bottom line, we absolutely love our Patrick Custom Home!

Gary and Marjorie Liggett - Keller

    We are extremely happy with our new home in Keller built by Patrick Custom Homes, Inc.  Patrick, Dot, and Denny were very enjoyable to work with.  They were honorable and always did what they said they would do.  We would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering building a new house

Stacy and Chris - Keller

    Patrick, Thank you for our lovely home.  You were a pleasure to work with!  Happy New Year!